Success Stories

Everyone always loves these stories. I am very protective of my clients and respect their privacy. But we need to tell at least some stories.

Tania 2Tania 1This client began working with me in 2014. She lives in Hamilton and commutes to Toronto every day. So her time was precious and limited. We worked together and these were her successes:

  1. Lost 49 lbs
  2. She went from barely being able to walk 1km to running her first 5km in one year
  3. She is registered for another race this year.
  4. She gained more energy from exercise.
  5. She has learned a lot about food and how it can help you and hurt you.
  6. Exercise is part of her life.




Lorelle photo 3Lorelle photo 1This client had just returned from the USA on a golf scholarship. This young 20 year old had been affected the “freshman 15”.  We spent a few months together through the summer, focusing on making her stronger and more fit. Her successes were:

  • Weight loss of 25lbs
  • Stronger mid-section
  • Became more knowledgeable on foods the improve athletic performance

She is currently at school at Niagara College and plays competitive golf. In 2014 she was named athlete of the year  and won the Ping Golf Canadian Collegiate Association National Championship and big things are planned for the 2015-2016 season.