Are you getting enough exercise?

The Canadian national standard recommendation for exercise is as follows:

Aerobic Activity – 300 minutes of moderate exercise with 150 of those minutes being vigorous activity. This means you need to get in 60 mins a day, 5 days a week. And 2.5hrs of this time should activity within your target heart rate zone. So, this could look like, 3 spinning classes a week with moderate walking on the other days but it must equal 60 mins a day (4 walks of 15 mins per day). Yes you can break it up.

Strength Conditioning: 3 or MORE days per week. This is weight training.

Flexibility: this is new. 4 or MORE days per week focused on stretching.

Let this information settle for a bit, and think about it. Are you getting the recommended amount of exercise? 70% of people answer no.

So you’re not alone. What can you do to increase your activity?

1.       Book it into your calendar – morning and afternoon walks between your meetings. We are encouraged to get up and move around after 30mins of sitting. So book your walks as part of your day.

2.       Reserve two days a week at lunch for exercise. Bring your lunch then go for a longer walk.

3.       Pick 2 or 3 days/nights during the week to find ways to get in more vigorous exercise. Go swimming at your local pool, sign up for a fitness class or register for a community program.

4.       Pick 4 stretches and incorporate them into your morning routine. Wake up, get out of bed, grab a coffee and do your stretches. Dedicate 15 mins each morning.

5.       Pick 3-4 strength training exercises and schedule them during the week. If you are not a gym person, there are many things you can use in your house. Bicep curls – use bags of flour. Triceps dips, use your stairs. Abs: get down on the floor and start planking. Dedicate 15 mins after dinner at night.

Getting in your daily activity isn’t that difficult when we incorporate it into our everyday life. Being physically fit is a choice. If we choose to be fit, we choose a healthier and longer life without disease.

Get in your minimum exercise and your everyday life will be more enjoyable.