My website has finally launched! So time to get to work.

So it’s Thanksgiving this weekend. Usually at this time of the year most people start to look through their closet and begin thinking about fall and winter clothes. One of the great things about the summer is you don’t wear much clothing; shorts, tshirts, tank tops, golf shirts,  skirts, capris most of which are comfortable. Then fall and winter comes along you look at those jeans, pants, sweaters and jackets and think, ugh here we go. Then you try them on, and everything just feels a bit snug. Do you know what I mean?

I think Thanksgiving is a great time for a ‘reality’ check. Did you gain a few pounds this summer? Did your summer eating spill into September because it was a beautiful weather month? Well you are not alone. After your big meal this weekend, it’s time to face reality. Time to clean up your eating and get to working off those calories.

My theory in life is that if you look good, you will feel good and it will make you overall ‘good’ in many aspects of life. Nutrition and life are so integrated. Everything we do requires us to eat for energy. It’s actually quite simple. We need to eat, so we have energy to live life. But what happens is that we get so caught in life that we stop paying attention to what we eat. Then we start feeling sluggish and stop exercising and then it turns into a vicious circle.

So let’s stop the cycle, together. Time to reset.

Check out my new website and stay tuned to my weekly blogs. If you want to start a new cycle and you need a gentle nudge, or maybe a hard push, I can help you.

Look better, feel better, be better. Let’s do it together.